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Electrical Safety Testing (PAT)

As a site or business type, a Doctors Surgery is classed as a low to medium risk site. (a construction site is high risk)

The frequency of testing  is determined by the “duty holder”, a responsible person at the surgery.

At Nomeq Ltd. we electrically safety test day in day out and can carry out a dynamic risk assessment to determine frequency, as part of our skill set.

There are a number of things that need to be considered when determining the frequency of PAT Testing. It comes down to the higher the risk the more frequent inspection & testing should be carried out. It is down to the ‘Duty Holder’ to assess the electrical appliances within their control and in conclusion implement a preventative maintenance programme for in-service inspection & testing. To do this they would need to consider the following:

  1. Equipment Type (portable, hand held or transportable)
  2. Equipment Class (Class I or Class II)
  3. Equipment use (continuous, infrequent, rough)
  4. How long equipment has been in service (Age)
  5. If equipment is moved around & how frequent
  6. Competence of personnel using the equipment
  7. Where equipment is used (outdoors, construction sites, hazardous atmospheres etc).
  8. Previous test results
  9. Manufacturers guidelines & recommendations
  10. Equipment modifications or repair

When contracted to deal with your Electrical Safety Testing (PAT) we are able to manage the frequency with which your equipment on site requires testing.

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